Frequently Asked Questions

What is Building the Bridge Ministries?

Building the Bridge Ministries (BTB) is the evangelistic arm of the United Pentecostal Church Intentional (UPCI) to the Black/African American Community. Founded in 1974, under the combined efforts of Brothers N. A. Urshan, J. T. Pugh, Jack DeHart, Jack Yonts, George Coleman, and John Cupit. Being led by the Holy Spirit, these men developed this ministry and set to evangelize the Black community with urgency. As a result, Black Evangelism Ministry, which was the ministry’s name for the first 17 years, increased over the next 20 years as the ministry leaders built a bridge from God’s church to God’s people in the Black community. Over the last 47 years, this has been Building the Bridge Ministries mission, and we are as committed to that mission today as they were when the Lord led them to launch this ministry.

What Building the Bridge Ministries is NOT.

*We are not a response to the sociopolitical climates of our day.

Building the Bridge has been in operation for nearly 50 years in the UPCI. We have addressed social injustice, racial equality, intentional inclusion, and cultural awareness head-on since the 1970s. A biblical response has always been our focus, never a reaction to current or past climates.

*We are not black lives matter.

Building the Bridge Ministries was born from a burden given by the Holy Spirit to His church. Long before the organization known as black lives matter came to be, the church knew, believed, and took actions to show that Black lives indeed matter! As a ministry, we approach the issues of our world biblically.

*We are not a “Black” ministry.

Building the Bridge Ministries is not a ministry designed for Blacks/African Americans only. While our mission is to reach the Black community just as much as the Spanish Evangelism Ministry’s mission is to reach the Spanish or Multicultural Ministry’s mission is to reach various cultures. Our mission is to reach the Black community, but any able and willing hand in the UPCI is welcomed, encouraged, and needed to join us in the harvest! We are one church with one mission, and that is to win souls for Jesus.

BTB exists to accomplish a portion of the UPCI’s shared mission.